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Always Call Before You Dig

PondPonds and fountains can create a sense of nature and attract wildlife, but because of the digging depth they require, proper planning – especially a quick and efficient call to 811 – is critical to your enjoyment of these water features.

Calling before excavating for a pond is important for many reasons, but especially because of how deep you will have to dig.  Most experts recommend a depth between 24 and 36 inches for a yard water feature to create the proper plant and animal habitat. Considering this depth, digging without knowing the exact location of underground utility lines may be even riskier than other types of digs. Smart digging is no accident: always call 811 before you dig.

Other factors can help guide the ultimate location of your yard water fixture while you are waiting for your underground utility lines to be marked. For instance, avoid placing your pond under a tree that will fill it with leaves and debris. Additionally, zoning codes may govern how close to your property line you can install a large water garden. In some regions, a water feature deeper than 18 inches may require a permit from your local building department. Lastly, make sure the direction of any drainage from the pond is away from your house.

Whether you are buying a ready-made small pool or fountain from a home or garden center or making your own, one call to 811 will quickly and easily begin the process of getting the approximate location of underground lines marked for free.

Remember, know what's below. Always call before you dig.